François Phillipe Janacev

François "Franc" Phillipe Janacev is the Assistant International Governmental Operations Adviser to Friedyrych Âwytych. The man is a loose canon with a set of skills that people don't generally don't want loose canons to have. His original family abandoned him on the street, where he met Friedyrych. After that he became a highly trained and slightly (more than slightly) insane influence in the government and other areas which probably aren't best discussed. The other true passions in his life are his ferret Newt and his crossbow. He knows a lot of different languages, and can speak them fluently.

He is 25 years old. Probably. Sometimes it changes.

Biography Edit

François was abandoned at an early age, left on the street in the cold by his parents, he remained there, fighting to stay alive until he met his best friend Friedyrych who took him in. following this François entered a weird and wonderful world, he learnt how to spy, shoot etc. among other things. He had a short stint as a ferret breeder, where he got Newt, however this ended in disaster when a mission in the Maldives went horribly horribly wrong. Franç has lived all over the world but he currently resides in Poland with his best friend, he enjoys penguin sliding down mountains, shooting things with his crossbow and playing obscure card games. He may or may not have been involved in events at Buckingham palace, and he most likely wasn't causing trouble in Montreal either. Part time he is a criminal, partnered with Friedyrych, getting involved in both large and small crime alike, never anything too serious though. both men are very good at creating inconvenience and getting things their way.

Many think that there is something not totally right with Franç, they would be right. He talks to himself out loud, sometimes shouting at the top of his lungs, he sees things that aren't really there; and can only see in black and white in his right eye. He is highly eccentric and flamboyant, and incredibly loyal. Just don't make him angry, he achieves a point in which he loses control, his friendly nature gone, replaced with military precision and the nature of a brainwashed soldier, only destruction is left behind. However this doesn't happen often and most pray it doesn't.

Franç also plays the flute, he is very good at it, and is proud of this achievement. certain songs get Newt to dance along to the music. He keeps every possession he owns, other than Newt in a trunk at theend of his bed, locked up and will shoot anyone who touches it.

Behind the scenes Edit

you really don't want to go behind the scenes, it's not safe for anyone really.