Feudał Frièdyrych Tuissétante Âwytych of Zvolen is the International Governmental Operations Adviser. He is also an heir to the Royal Family of Poland and a business tycoon.

Until the age of 14, he referred to himself by his middle name Arkadiusz out of family tradition. However, people often referred to him as Friedyrych instead which initially enraged him but he gave up trying when posted onto the European Board. After this he still referred to himself as Arkadiusz privately and with close friends, but an incident in 2007 involving immoral tradition made him consider conforming to the modern naming system.

Biography Edit

At just two weeks old, Friedyrych was left outside his Father, Tuissetante Oliwjer Âwytych's house in Łódż, Poland. Alongside him was a note:

"My darling Oliwjer. I know that we have not spoken since the autumn we shared so blissfully together, for this please forgive me. You have done many a great deed for this country, and for our united continent; but to some these deeds are far from heroism as their morals are swayed by distrust and tradition. Thus, my father forbade your presence in the palace, in any form. And so, most fortunately I offer you our son, as where better can beauty grow than in your arms. Friédyrych, after your father, Krzesisław, after mine, Arkadiusz, after my dear brother gone too soon, Tuissétante Âwytych, after you my love. My dearest darling, find you some keys attached to his rattle, I hope the mansion suits you well. My father has agreed this a fair offering for you to...disappear. But I have a trick for you dear love, inside you will find everything you need to run this country and all it's brothers. I'm sure it will suit your talents well and that you will find new ways to keep this continent safe. I here by employ you under the Secresion of Identity act 1874 as Guardian of Europe, and may the role be passed to our son upon your passing, our little lord. Stay strong my love, my desire, do not attempt to meet me, I'd rather your safety kept than our hands touch once more. Forever yours; HRH Seliana Prosza Gietterfrusz"

And so, Friedyrych was raised by his father in the town of Zvolen, in Dréžka Manor. But at the age of three his father disappeared whilst investigating the sudden disappearance of his mother; the princess royal. Friedyrych was left as Guardian of Europe under the care of the butler Adok.

Friedyrych only has vague memories of his father and doesn't know who his parents are/were, just that they are gone. But he himself is very similar to his father, sharing his intellect and morality. However, the lack of normal upbringing and the excess of money he was raised with have cause him to be slightly excentric and immature at times. He can change between serious and silly in an instance, often surprising his guests.

In the year 2000, he goes out searching for a friend and picks up a homeless Ukrainian-Russian boy without a name. Upon bringing him back to the Manor, Friedyrych nicknames him "Frenchy", or François. The boy ends up staying forever and becoming Friedyrych's best friend and confident.

At just 13, Friedyrych had invented a device that could monitor every single security camera in Europe, even those on front doors. He'd also bugged most of the places that didn't have cameras, including, purely by accident, the meeting place of the invisible network; though nothing would come of it for a few years. Not long after, Adok introduced him to his father's inventions and systems, hidden deep under the house;including a phone tapping device that would filter all the phone calls in Europe, and the beginnings of an internet hacking code.

At 14 he finally managed to persuade the Polish Government Officials to let him attend and inform the European Parliament meetings. He caused quite a stir but his access to important information earned him a higher seat at the age of 16. It was then that he decided to show them the certificate naming him Guardian of Europe, at which point he became the youngest ever deputy-chair of the European Parliament.

In 2009 Friedyrych meets the new Head Parliamentary figure of the Czech Republic; Zyetka Lietzel Soren. She is not happy that someone younger than her is basically her boss, especially when she has worked so hard from a young age and he appears to have had life so easy. She shows her anger by querying all his new laws and statements, which Friedyrych revels in; to him, having to fight for something is new yet fun. The trend continues, Zyetka gets mad and Friedyrych gets sassy. It comes to the point that they are spending time with eachother and calling eachother just to argue with eachother; and when anyone offends either of them or argues with either, the other jumps in purely for the fact that they're the only ones allowed to argue with eachother. At the 2011 Board in Sweden, Zyetka has run into some trouble and can't afford to book a room in the expensive hotel so a Friedyrych offers her a bed in his as he and François are actually used to sharing. It turns out that Zyetka and Friedyrych end up sharing a bed...pretty passionately at that.

Less than a year later, when Zyetka falls pregnant her father forces Friedyrych to marry her (even though he was going to already). It was a very spectacular wedding and often regarded as the wedding of the century with many other couples actually meeting at the event (I.e Igor and Oleg).

As a wedding gift, his old friend Adok left him a note along with their gift. It explained who his parents were and what happened to them, it also had the note which was given to his father when he was left by his door. Friedyrych opened this in their honeymoon suite in Sweden and was suddenly faced with the fact that; his parents might still be alive, the government are more corrupt than he'd expected, Adok was never a hired butler but an old family friend, he was the rightful air to the Polish throne. Contemplating the latter, Zyetka and Friedyrych agreed to use the fact only to bribe the royals and government officials, and that they were fine with their lives as they were. Still, Friedyrych managed to get himself written into the royal family tree.

Bearing the letter in mind, Friedyrych named his son after his father; Tuissetante; but when he filed the birth certificate he received a rather threatening letter from the government explaining that using that name was a bad idea as it had links to known traitors. At this point Friedyrych knew that his father was still alive and has been searching for him ever since.

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