Greg's Birthday Party was the first group gathering/event of the AU (and the original rp). At this point, only canon characters from the show were involved, though there were some nods to possible new characters such as Greg's ex-wife Sharon.

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And so, Greg walked home through the park, depressedly eating jaffa cakes and wearing a party hat of sadness. Everybody had forgotten his birthday. But by some miracle they actually hadn't.

Greg opens the door to his dingy apartment, expecting to once again be mauled by his ex-wife's cat, only there is a surprise party waiting for him.

Sherlock and John had arranged a birthday party, though mostly Sherlock as John had been busy with him and Mary's baby. And for some reason Sherlock had invited Mycroft, whom Greg had never met before.

Mycroft gifted Greg a puppy (which was later killed by his ex-wife’s cat).

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  • I legit thought that we'd invented Mystrade cause I had no idea it was a thing