Elton Davies is a Half-French Half-English previous Network Member turned Scotland Yard Intern and new King of France. He is the cousin of The Moriarty Brothers.

Biography Edit

Elton was born in Lyon, France, to Maria Davies. Elton was always told his father was dead and accepted it so.

He attended La Martiniere Lyon, a school in his hometown.

At college he fell in love with Fille Levasseur who at that time was using another name and pretending to be a common girl.

He learnt English from his bestfriend, a transfer student called William Westford. Together they decided to turn detective and solve the mystery of the ‘La Fleur de la Mort’, an infamous assassin who was reported as the most beautiful woman in Paris , but nobody knew who they were.

Just before their breakthrough, Elton proposed to Fille and they married in a quaint church in the presence of their friends and Elton’s mother. But soon after, Will and Elton discovered the truth.

They deduced that the assassin was the Princess Royal who hadn’t been seen since the King exiled her older brother, making her heir royal above her younger brother the infamously wild André Levasseur.

It was then that he recognised the discrepancies in Fille’s past and her similarity with the missing royal. When he questioned her, she confessed, and he immediately left for England despite her pleading.

He and Will arrived in Dover with no money or place to stay, their only option was to join the criminal network for money. When the network was destroyed, killing most of the members who haven’t fled and ruining their reputation, Elton and Will and their newfound friends were the only members of the network left. This is where he entered the Main Rp.

During the incident at Moriarty Manor, Elton was the one who carried Graham’s body out of the meeting room, letting Sherlock in in the process. He then went with the ambulance that took Will.

Determined to clear his name and seek justice for everything, he and Will went to see Greg and Mycroft in hospital, just after Mycroft has given birth. He is cleared of guilt and goes to see Stephen who is in the same hospital.

When he returns he find Will bleeding from a stab wound and Jensen shot dead by the crib. Greg is helping Will and Elton takes the opportunity to plead for a place to stay, the couple agrees and Will and Elton essentially become their adopted teenage kids.

In the second plot, Elton played a leading role in the scenario. Greg had given him a job at Scotland Yard, and there he started getting messages and love letters an anonymous source. He was targeted by André who turned the power off and manipulated the yard. After receiving several threats, he re-encountered Fille who begged him to take her back. He rejected until he had to save her.

In the third plot Elton is mostly unseen until his parent figures (Greg and Mycroft) are threatened. He finishes Jared’s tirade by shooting him and then disappears, suddenly aware of his actions.

The fourth plot, after the museum explosion Elton tends to Jeremy, André, and Jared, and it becomes known that he and Fille (who at the time is pregnant with Allez) have been investigating the Invisible Network.

He and Fille have two children: Allez and Giacomo

Behind the scenes Edit

Elton is a beloved character, a favourite for Helen. The plots saw him grow from an innocent boy fighting hard for money, a hard-working citizen, a rough justice-seeker, to a king.