Jensen Moriarty is the eldest of the older twins of Lord Johnathon Moriarty. He is the twin of Jared Moriarty. He is 36 years old and in a relationship with Phillip Anderson.

Though he initially appeared through an imitation by his brother, Jared, (who was consequently shot, in the first of his many deaths, by Greg Lestrade) his first real appearance was at the first "New Network" meeting with members such as James Moriarty, Jeremy Moriarty, Elton Davies (*Bloke), William Weston (*Dude), Graham Herd (*Guy), Stephen Herd (*Person), Mark Herd (*Man) and a guest of Greg Lestrade. If not already indicated by the imitations of both Jared and Jeremy, Jensen was stern and strict and everyone was afraid of him. He asserted his dominance as the leader of the British Criminal Network and nobody questioned until he stepped down for new-found moral reasoning. He's now surprisingly domestic.

*then known as...

Biography Edit

Jensen was born on the 16th of April 1981 to Lord and Lady Moriarty in the county of Hampshire, their eldest son.

Jensen attended Eton, achieving top marks, but he was more focused on inheriting and running the family business; The British Criminal Network. Jensen was trained well in the art of forgery and deception via documentation, and in leadership. So well, in fact, that he exceeded his father to the point that he proudly handed the role of Head of the British Criminal Network to his son aged just 22.

He is openly gay, and the first main story of the Rp centres around his enfatuation with an ex-colleague known as Markus. Markus had worked with the four brothers, Paulo, and other members of the network, in a renowned robbery of Buckingham Palace. It was there the pair had a brief romance before Markus disappeared.

Years later, upon learning the true identity of Markus (Greg Lestrade) Jensen re-assembled the Network and initiated a new era of criminal activity, with intention to either earn Greg's love, or to destroy his life. Notable moments include him masquerading as his brother Jim in order to get secret information from Sherlock, and a Network meeting at Moriarty Mansion where the majority of attendees did not leave alive.

This story ended when Jensen ambushed the birth of Greg and Mycroft's children, set to kill all of them (maybe even Greg). His plan was stifled by William Weston who fatally stabbed Jensen. In his dying moments, Jensen showed no remorse, only revealed what the entire operation had really been about: Love.

Given the Moriarty's tendency to resurrect themselves, it was suspected that Jensen was still alive. Not long after he appeared, but he didn't return completely until the last (uncompleted) story of the Rp.

Whilst away from the limelight, Jensen had grown even more angry. He had moved back to Moriarty Mansion, spending time on major paperwork crime. However, a Scotland Yard investigation lead to a thorough search of Moriarty Mansion. Sat on a couch and sulking, Jensen re-entered the Rp.

He had been stumbled upon by Phil Anderson (see Andersen). When realising he'd been interrupted, Jensen was intially intimidating, enjoying the forensic expert's fear. This all changed when it was revealed that they had found the body of Lady Moriarty upstairs. Jensen went into complete emotional collapse and had to be dragged out of the building.

Anderson reluctantly agreed to help him recover, and after some teething issues it appeared to be working. Upon learning his Father had been the one to kill his mother Jensen had begun to completely re-evaluate his life. He called Mycroft and instigated a plan for the Criminal Network and the Government to work in tangent, an equal crime and peace plan (akin to the network set up in the book). Jensen asked for Anderson's help in rebuilding his life, and becoming ordinary. In doing so, the pair fell in love and became quite domestic.

Not long after Jensen caught wind of his father's plan to assassinate Greg, Mycroft and their family. Jensen helped organise a safe house for Mycraft and fled there, hoping to get there before Jared. He didn't. Surprisingly none of the marks were injured, but Jared was taking his last breaths.

Devasatated, Jensen returned home only to fall victim to another one of his father's traps. he had placed a hidden knife in each of his shoes. Jensen lost a lot of blood and nearly died. For weeks after he had to use a wheelchair due to his weak health.

The last mention of Jensen in the Rp was that he was irritated at Jeremy being on the television as it meant he would be accused of crime in public. At this point he was better and living what he'd dreamed of, an ordinary life.

In a side Rp, Jensen lost a leg in an explosion that killed Jeremy. Following this, he and Anderson went on to have triplets with only a few hiccups

In the book, Jensen is the main character. The Network is under the crime and peace agreement and his demeanour is about mid-way between evil and domestic Jensen. Pre-Story Jensen also lost his leg in an explosion but this time the brother lost was Jared.

Behind the scenes Edit

Jensen is played by Helen (me). Jensen's character really went on an adventure, and we went with him. Domestic Jensen was never planned, in fact he was set to always be the villain, but a joke about him falling for Anderson went a little too far... they were a couple in our heads before they'd even met eachother. I found Jensen incredibly fun to play as he was basically all Jim's mania exaggerated and refined into one big bundle of mayhem. He was extremely wild to begin with, and had a fuse shorter than you could believe. The only characters to exceed or match his original level of evil is Giorgje Twevensky. Jensen is now at a par with Friedyrych and Mycroft.