Jeremy Moriarty is the youngest of the youngest twins of Lord Johnathon Moriarty. He is the twin of James Moriarty. He is 30 years old and in a relationship with Andre Levasseur.

Jeremy's first appearance was at the new Network meeting at the beginning of the first story in the Rp. He initially impersonated his brother Jensen, actually establishing who Jensen was and that James had a brother. Only when Jensen enters is it learnt that Jeremy is the third brother (before the reveal of Jared).

The line between good and evil for Jeremy is quite thin. Jeremy is a free-spirit, a livewire. He spends a lot of time in strip clubs and gay bars "entertaining". Jeremy is the LGBT Queen of the AU.

In the beginning of the Rp his appearances were sparse as he was often killed or dismissed. However later, Jeremy became more important and featured in many side rps.

Biography Edit

Jerent was born on the 5th of September 1986 to Lord and Lady Moriarty in the county of Hampshire, known as their youngest son.

Like his brothers, Jeremy attended Eton, but he was kicked out for misbehaviour; namely having sex with one of the teachers in a cupboard, and other similar offences. Jeremy is the master of disguise and mischief, though he rarely uses the former, often choosing to expose his identity in public.

Jeremy is very very openly gay and has had many relationships. In the main Rp he rarely appeared, being "dead" for most of the first story. Even when his future boyfriend debuted he did not appear. It wasn't until the last story that he properly appeared in the Rp.

Having met and become intimate with André, the pair set out to rob a museum. The robbery caused chaos as Jeremy danced erotically in front of the security cameras, causing all of the Moriarty brothers to get annoyed (as they're identical). In a freak accident, the museum explodes; Jeremy, André and Jared (who joins them, rising from the dead again [see Jared Moriarty]) are presumed dead.

All three are taken to Elton and Fille's house where they recover. Jeremy has questions for Jared as they had not seen eachother since Jared's "death". It's then that Elton tells them of their Mother's death. Enfuriated; Jeremy, Jared, Elton, Fille, and André, set out a plan to find who has stolen their Mother's files, in an attempt to understand why she died. Jeremy finds the information centre for the Invisible Network deep underground. The Rp ends before the story can finish.

Jeremy has starred in Rps of his ship; Andremy. One of which set in Austria as a parallel to Sherlock and Jim's trip to Italy, their holiday in Austria is canon and often referenced, especially if the characters are absent. He is often referred to whenever there is mention of André as the ship is well known and canon. In an Andersen Rp Jeremy was killed in an explosion.

In the book, Jeremy has almost completely turned to good. He and Jim set out to try and stop the rebellion, resulting in him meeting André and André falling for him, and important turning point in the book.

Behind the scenes Edit

Jeremy was initially played by Ebony in the Rp, but was continued by Helen later. Ebony played Jeremy in the Austria Rp, and Molly played Jeremy in some Andremy Rps. Jeremy was also briefly played by Sebastian and Tiffany.

Jeremy was Ebony's Moriarty, which made it interesting when we just kept killing him. He doesn't have many significant moments in the first story as whenever he would appear he would get shot by Jensen. Ebony would get so mad, especially the first time it happened. The Rp had to pause while she yelled at us about how pure he was and how life was unfair.

Explanations for where he was all the time whilst being dead but not being dead led to us making him a little slut. "He's probably pole dancing somewhere" cause the instant development of 'Fabulous Jeremy'. On the Best Ass scale Jeremy is second only to André.

His relations with André are a fond favourite of ours. The relationship stems from André's intimacy with Jim. The idea of these two extremely sexual characters together made everyone very happy. The were already an established couple in our minds before they even appeared together.