Martin Delanis is the Brother-in-law of Greg Lestrade. He is also a leading agent of MI5 but uses his father's flopped business "Champ's Lamps" to hide his real job. Martin was born Damien Edward Champ to the unsuccesful business entrepreneur Brian "Danny-boy" Champ and his wife Helena. When pressured into taking over the family business, he split from them, desperate to build his own future, upon which the MI5 recruited him for his ability to disappear and disguise himself, along with his significant athletic ability. Martin is also the cousin of Phillip Anderson though they are estranged; not just through Martin's refusal of his past, but also due to the disownment of his aunt by his parents. Martin took his new name from the Young French field officer who trained him but lost his life in one of Delanis' last tests.

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