Alan Mycroft Holmes

Mycroft Holmes is the British government, he does not like it when you use his first name, and many have gone missing after having used it. The love of his life is Greg Lestrade, who he is married too, and will defend with his life. He is a highly intelligent man, a quick thinker, with a lot of skill; he is more intelligent than his younger brother, and won't hesitate to remind you of this fact. Mycroft is a man of many secrets and many skills, he knows many languages, has a lot of experience in tactical planning and is essential for the running the British government.

Biography Edit

Mycroft grew up in a very ordinary home, with ordinary parents. He always felt very out of place at home, and never fit in anywhere. To compensate for this he has placed himself in a position of control since he was a young boy, often running the school and its students, and then later on imbedding himself within university life until he finally gets brought into the government.

Behind the scenes Edit

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