The Garden Starter is an RP starter created by Helen, and is the most used RP starter of the group.

Plot synopsis Edit

The scene starts with all (or most) of the main played characters in a garden with no clue how they got there or why they are there.

In the RPs started like this, the reasoning is rarely found. Though, in cases where it has been, the reasons have been:

  • Mrs Hudson wanted to party
  • Moriarty wanted to mess with Sherlock
  • They'd all gotten drunk the night before

Appearances Edit

Notes & trivia Edit

  • This starter spawned the "Mrs Hudsjuana" RP where Sherlock (Ebony), John, and Jim (Helen) all got high af because Mrs Hudson had drugged them for a party and then brought more drugs and basically started a rave
  • One version created a brief Morstrade RP